Penelope Cruz Dancing Pictures on Venuto al Mondo Rome Set

Penelope Cruz Dances and Has a Late Roman Night as Javier Bardem Talks Politics in NYC

Penelope Cruz films Venuto al Mondo in Rome.

Penelope Cruz worked late into last night on the Rome set of Venuto al Mondo. The evening shoot was full of dancing and music, with Penelope showing off her fancy footwork for the camera. Production on the film, which is directed by Sergio Castellitto, has moved to Italy after a stint in Sarajevo. The plot of the movie is centered around a family affected by the Bosnian troubles in the 1990s. Penelope's husband, Javier Bardem, was in Sarajevo with her, but he traveled to NYC this week to address the United Nations about a topic that's long been close to his heart. Javier spoke to a decolonization committee about ending the human rights abuses in the Morocco-occupied territories of Western Sahara. Javier, who's making a documentary on the area, said, "The people of the Western Sahara are suffering under repression inside the occupied territory; they are suffering in refugee camps in the Sahara desert, where they have been forgotten for decades." There's lots of casting news for him as well. Javier may star in Despicable Me 2 as a villain, and he's finalizing plans to play the bad guy in the next James Bond movie, too. A tentative title for the next Bond film — the 23rd in the series — has leaked and is said to be called Skyfall.


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