Penelope Cruz is on the cover of this month's Vogue, looking radiant in a Spanish-themed shoot acting out bull fighting and flamenco dancing scenes with her sister (and fashion collaborator) Monica and BFF Pedro Almodóvar. While she doesn't discuss her romance with Javier, Penelope does gush about Pedro and open up about a near death experience a few years back. Here's more:

  • On Pedro Almodovar: "I became completely obsessed with Pedro. Then he called me when I made my first movie, Jamón, Jamón. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was drying my hair in the bathroom, and somebody said, 'Almodóvar is calling.' I couldn't believe what I was hearing — I'd dreamed about that moment for so long . . ."
  • On her epiphany after an airplane emergency: "It was to do with daring. I thought, 'Have I, through insecurity, not said the things I meant to say, not done the things I meant to do? That was incredibly important to me, and it has changed my life."
  • On her childhood aspirations: "I was looked at as a Martian. To imagine the life that I have now — all the traveling, the opportunities — would have been impossible."

Even if she couldn't imagine the life she has now as a child, things are looking pretty good for Penelope. Between the affections of Pedro and Javier, as well as her sky-rocketing film career, Penelope doesn't have too much to regret these days.

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