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Personal Growth: Stress Relief Tips

The problem with the many stress relief techniques offered today is the requirement to take time out of your busy day to practice these techniques.

For many of us, it simply isn't possible.  And, yes, while the majority agrees that allowing yourself to relax is an important health benefit, stressing oneself to find the time to relax seems a bit counter-intuitive.  You think?   And for many people, taking yourself out of your normal day-to-day activities to *relax* might actually *cause* more stress then relief!



Sound therapy is wonderful as it can be done *anywhere* - Home, Work, or your Car

Many wellness traditions consider sound therapy one of the most profound healing modalities. As a result, several health spas, interested in extending the relaxation their guests feel, are providing relaxation music to their customers to help with their customer's home spa routine.

The great thing about relaxation music CDs is that, regardless of your location, popping in your favorite CD will immediately bring calm. You can listen to your relaxation music in your car, calming yourself before (or after) a tough day at work, you can listen to your relaxation music at work to help keep your stress level in check, and you can listen to relaxation music while at home, dealing with the day-to-day issues life brings our way. In other words, any where you go, your ability to put relaxation music CDs to work for you follows!

Take the time to get some relaxation music in your life. Now is the time to enjoy the easy-to-use benefits of relaxation music!

Stress relief tips


You can learn to manage bad stress by making a committment to doing one or two of these tips each day.

Stress can act as a motivator or energizer. Too much of bad stress can cause medical and social problems. Because the body responds to stress physically, bad stress causes the *fight or flight* reaction and/or ANXIETY.  The body changes, prepares to either confront the challenge or flee from it. Stress releases adrenaline (a stress hormone), heart rate increases, breathing quickens and blood pressures rises. The liver increases output of sugar and blood flow is diverted to the brain and large muscles. Symptoms of stress include, feeling anxious, feeling scared, irritable or moody. Stress affects thoughts. Thoughts of low self-esteem, fear of failure, inability to concentrate, worrying about the future, preoccupation with thoughts/tasks and forgetfulness can be present. Stress affects behavior. It can cause stuttering and other speech difficulties, bouts of crying for no apparent reason, laughing in a high pitch or nervous tone of voice, increased accident prone behavior, overeating, under eating and increased use of drugs and alcohol.

Breathe Deeply – Inhale deeply through your nose. Pull the air all the way down, deep into the lungs. Hold the breath for a count of six. Exhale slowly through the mouth to the count of six. Do this for several minutes. Be careful not to hyperventilate. If dizzy or light-headedness occur, begin breathing naturally.

Express Feelings and Thoughts - Call a friend. Join a group. Join a community on the Internet. If you feel these avenues are not helping talk to your doctor, seek out a counselor. Use all resources after through work, church and community. If seeing a counselor is something you’re fearful of,

Pet Therapy - Consider getting a pet. Pets listen very well. Their health benefits have been studied and are well founded for reducing blood pressure and many stress-related ailments.

Make Time for Relaxation and Fun – Find an activity that makes you feel good. It may be dancing, listening to music, walking along the beach, prayer, hiking in the mountains, working in the garden, taking photographs, watching birds, going to the movies, golfing, swimming, visiting museums. Make a list of activities that give you joy. Break them down into time segments of 2-5 minutes, 5-20 minutes, 30 minutes to ½ day and ½ day or longer. List the activities that give you joy under these time segments. Do at least three of them everyday. Most people think they have to do big things, such as vacations of whole days away from work or home to relieve stress. Not so, small activities that give you joy are the best stress busters.

Exercise - Try something new, like swimming. Begin a walking program. Do some form of exercise that interests you. Make sure to consult your physician beforehand.

Laugh - Laughter is a great way to relieve stress. If you find something funny, have a good belly laugh. Watch funny movies. Read funny stories.

Get Rid of Negatives - Take a hard look at the circle or environment you’re standing in. People who are negative and prone to “moods” spread negativity to others. Learn to say no to negativity and remove yourself from it whenever possible.

Write/Journal– Write out your complaints or troubles. Writing is no substitute for professional help but it does allow you to vent your feelings and frustrations. By writing with pen in hand or at the keyboard, you may discover an insight or solution to whatever is frustrating or bothering you.

Get A Massage – Make an investment in yourself. Massage therapy can relax muscles, easy muscle spasm, increase blood flow to skin and muscles and relieve mental and emotional stress. A massage will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Be Realistic in Expectations – Don’t expect everyone to be like you or behave to your code of “shoulds and oughts”. Don’t expect to be right all the time. Don’t expect harmony all the time. Real life has conflicts in it. Be willing to confront conflict, state your needs then work at coming to a mutual compromise.

Monitor Your Communication Skills – Aggressive and hostile communication with others antagonizes and alienates. Assertive training can help you learn to express your needs without offending others or feeling ignored.

You can only change yourself - Work to grasp the full meaning of this statement. Trying to change another person causes stress to both parties. It can ruin relationships, damage relationships and cause others to withdraw from you. If you make statements such as – if only he, if only she, if only they – then you need to look in the mirror and say, what can I change about myself to make the situation better.

Accept - If you can’t leave a situation that is causing you extreme stress then accept it as it is. Adjust your approach to it. Look for ways to see positive things. Do not dwell on the negative. Above all, if the situation is abusive, either physically or emotionally (this includes work situations also) seek professional help through counseling.

Stress will not suddenly disappear in modern day life. It will remain and may even increase. To reduce and manage stress takes a commitment to do so. Make a commitment and feel BETTER!

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Iveenia Iveenia 6 years
thank you Cher - for me goes the same as Sayno says ;)
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Great! Knew some of it :) Thanks for sharing Cher :heart:
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