Kate Moss escorted her man Pete back to rehab yesterday. The couple both checked in under fake names (guess that really worked out for them) to the Capio Nightingale Hospital in London. The facility is close to Kate's home and she will be joining Pete in therapy sessions. Here's more:

The supermodel and the shambolic rocker checked secretly into the discreet Capio Nightingale Hospital just half a mile from her home in North West London. They met staff who cleared a 12-place unit at an annexe behind the main hospital building off busy Marylebone Road.

Kate, who has previously been in rehab after being caught snorting cocaine, has told pals she is determined to support the troubled BABYSHAMBLES frontman. She is said to be battling to help Doherty come off drugs.

A source said: “They arrived together and will be supporting each other.” Kate is discussing her relationship feelings while Pete has a much harder fight on his hands to sort himself out. The source added: “They looked very much a couple as they came in and she is clearly worried about him.”

Good for Kate for standing by her man, but seriously - how many chances can she give the guy?! More of Pete and Kate getting back into rehab so read more