Photo of Chris Brown Hours Before and After Alleged Assault on Rihanna Before the Grammys

Updates on Chris Brown's Alleged Assault of Rihanna, Now Deadly Weapon Involved

Chris Brown stopped by his hotel a few hours before heading over to Clive Davis' Grammys preparty with Rihanna on Saturday. Just a little less than 24 hours later, he was huddled in the back of an Escalade after posting his $50,000 bail for alleged assault of a woman. We were shocked yesterday when we heard the news the singer had been arrested for an alleged assault and even more surprised and heartbroken when sources said the woman he beat was Rihanna and that there was a deadly weapon involved.

LAPD insiders, who also identify Rihanna as the victim, say the two got into an argument in their car, stepped out as things got heated, and a witness called 911. Chris was no longer at the scene when the police arrived, but the visibly bruised woman identified him as the attacker. There are some rumors that the argument began because Rihanna accused Chris of flirting at the party, but we're still trying not to jump to conclusions. His court date is set for March 5, and we'll continue to update you when we hear more about the situation. Right now we just hope for a speedy recovery for the victim, and our hearts are with her.

X17 Online, Flynet, and Source