Photo of Leighton Meester At Book Party in NYC

Leighton and Olivia Step Out Confidently For Gossip Girl Style

Leighton Meester posed in a punchy dress with her former costar Nicole Fiscella and Olivia Palermo in NYC last night at the launch party for You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence, a book written by Gossip Girl's costume designer Eric Daman. Leighton supported the man who puts her in so many fabulous clothes, which she was once again showing off on the set yesterday with Ed Westwick and a surprising reappearing costar. She, Olivia, and Nicole all looked fantastic on the red carpet and inside the party, so maybe they learned a thing or two from the book they were out to help promote. We caught up with Eric earlier this week at the ACE Awards, where he shared a little about dressing the show's stars:

  • On who's most enthusiastic about their wardrobes: "Everyone goes with the flow. Blake has a little more opinions on it, because she's very body-conscious and knows what looks great on her. She's been in front of the cameras long enough to be able to say, 'This would be better if it was a half inch shorter' — which is great. It's a dream as a costume designer to have someone, who's like, 'Lets do this!'"
  • On dressing the guys: "The guys are pretty into it. The guys just want to look good when it comes down to it, which is pretty easy. Chuck/Ed is really into it — he really likes to look amazing and he has been one of my favorites from day one. To be able to play with menswear in the way that we do and pioneer that men get to dress better, and that it's OK to wear a bow tie and a pink shirt and not be too gay about it."

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