Photos of Angelina Jolie, Shiloh and Knox Jolit-Pitt on Their Venice Balcony

Angelina, Knox and Shiloh Greet the Venice Morning With Bedhead

Angelina Jolie carried Knox and his blanket while Shiloh peeked between columns greeting the morning on the balcony of their Venice hotel room today. Angelina and Knox soaked up the sun in a similar way yesterday, though they were joined then by Brad and Vivienne as well. Brad is right back to spending time with his family after a trip to London for Monday's premiere of Kick-Ass and the afterparty, where he supposedly attributed his famous beard to "boredom" rather than a role. Angelina evidently has a few days off from working on The Tourist while her costar Johnny Depp traveled to Japan to promote Alice and Wonderland.

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Source: Ramey