Photos of Ashlee Simpson at a Reeses Pieces Event in NYC Wearing a Black Leather Jacket

Ashlee Wants Candy, Not Questions About Jessica's Weight

Ashlee Simpson made an appearance in NYC's Times Square this morning to help Hershey's pass out candy at the early hour of 8 a.m. She was evidently excited about her collaboration with the company, tweeting, "Working w/ Hershey's in NYC is fun. I LOVE the new York, Hershey's Special Dark & Almond Joy Pieces. They are just as good as Reeses Pieces." She took a few moments after the event to talk to press, and one bold reporter ran with the junk food theme and revisited the controversy about Jessica's weight. Ashlee, though, stuck to her opinion from the height of the ordeal by saying, "I just don’t get why it’s such a topic." She also declined to comment on Jessica's romance with Billy Corgan, which apparently already ended after they shared six dates!

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