Photos of Ashley Olsen, Monica Cruz, Solange Knowles, Marc Jacobs at Mango Relaunch

Famous Sisters Ride Solo and Take a Bite Out of Mango

Mango relaunched its SoHo store last night with dinner at Shang, a party, and some celebrities to help celebrate. While Mary-Kate was over in Dubai, Ashley Olsen posed by herself in a casual all black dress. She rolled solo, but rumor has it Ashley's boyfriend Justin is moving in to her LA house as things get more serious between the two. The $1 million bribery lawsuit he had to pay didn't seem to bother Marc Jacobs much as he once again wore a skirt and smiled with his boyfriend Lorenzo. Even without sister Penelope, Monica Cruz was there to support their clothing line in the store, and Solange Knowles sang for the crowd as everyone enjoyed a little Mango.

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Images include: Ashley Olsen, Monica Cruz, Marc Jacobs, Solange Knowles, Dakota Johnson, Lorenzo Martone