Photos of Ben Affleck In the Congo, Quotes from Interview Raising Awareness about War-Torn Country

Ben Affleck Brings His Good Will Back to the Congo

As Jennifer Garner dealt with some scary stuff back home, Ben Affleck was across the world in the Congo yesterday. This is Ben's fourth trip as he continues to raise awareness about the crisis afflicting the nation. While in the city of Goma, the actor spoke out about this violent situation in Central Africa, and expressed his feelings on how people need to step up and help. Here's more:

  • On what he sees: "I'm not an expert in international affairs or diplomacy, but it doesn't take that to see the tremendous suffering here. It's not something that we as human beings can, in good conscience, ignore."
  • On why he made the trip: "The primary reason I am here is to urge people to give money to the NGOs and charities doing hard work in eastern Congo on meager funds. And if people out there have an existing relationship with a charity, to urge that charity to get involved in eastern Congo. To let people know, 'Don't just read the horror stories in the newspapers and turn off.'
  • On the reason he chose this cause: "I thought a lot of people are advocating on Darfur. I'd just be a very small log on a big fire. I started getting interested in Congo and I thought, this is a place where I can have a really big impact."

Ben has always been one to show a softer and giving side whether towards his family or an international human rights issue. He uses his celebrity status in the best way and makes it seem like a given.