Photos of Beyonce, Jay-Z, LeBron James Donating Instruments, Video of Jay-Z Calling for Compassion, Support for Rihanna

Jay-Z Gets Compassionate For Kids and Rihanna

Jay-Z and LeBron James donated 150 musical instruments and $10,000 to Mesa Arts Academy in Arizona on Saturday. Beyonce was there to spend Valentine's Day with her husband and play with the kids as well. While the couple had nothing but smiles, Jay-Z joked that being around so many children wasn't exactly inspiring him to get working on a family of his own. After the event, Jay-Z spoke out about Chris Brown's alleged assault on Rihanna. Check out the video after the jump where he asked people to support her and show some compassion for the young singer. Jay-Z might not be ready for fatherhood but he's already a great honorary big brother.

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