Photos of Beyonce Knowles in Herve Leger Dress In Tokyo, Japan With Solange Knowles

Beyonce Is Ready to Take the World by Storm, Again

Beyonce Knowles poured herself into a daring Herve Leger dress — and pulled it off — at the opening of Ginza Gates Store in Tokyo, Japan on Friday with her sister Solange. Beyonce graces the cover of the next Billboard magazine in which she lays out her extensive strategy for her upcoming album and tour which is modeled after international blockbuster releases of other kinds such as the Harry Potter franchise. The most surprising, she thinks, will be her fans seeing her depicting Etta James's heroin addiction in Cadillac Records. She said:

“They’re like, ‘I’m not sure if people need to see you with a needle in your arm around the time of your record’s release. But, I’m obviously playing a character and I felt that story needed to be told. It gave me an opportunity to challenge myself and show, even myself, what I can do as an actor. I’ve never been so proud of something I’ve done.”

Sounds like there's a lot of Beyonce coming our way over the next few months and although there are no collaborations with Jay-Z, or anyone, this time around, he'll still be in the background cheering her on with the rest of her family.

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