Photos of Brad Pitt Giving an Interview for the Make it Right Program in New Orleans

Brad Pitt Wants to Make It Right With the Help of His Mustache

Brad Pitt gave more TV interviews on location with Make it Right in New Orleans yesterday only this time he wasn't just talking about the project. Brad chatted with Ellen Degeneres in a segment that airs today about how to catch George Clooney using Chippendales. On Monday, he walked Angelina down the red carpet at the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where he talked about what is on all our minds — his facial hair. On trying to bring the mustache back in style, he said, "That’s my goal. I don’t think staches are respected enough. It's political. It’s a political statement." So far he's already got an ally in his friend Clooney, but we're hoping this is one fashion statement that doesn't catch on. You can more of Brad in our pictures or on your TV set again tomorrow night when he's on Larry King Live.

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