Photos of Brad Pitt in LA on his Motorcycle

Brad Pitt's Almost Anonymous, But Not Quite

Brad Pitt who thankfully grew his mustache into a full goatee, was spotted riding around LA yesterday on one of his many motorcycles. In his W Magazine cover interview, Brad refers to the time when he's on his bikes as his most anonymous calling himself, “just another a--hole on the streets,” but it was his comments about Angelina and Jennifer that caught everyone's attention yesterday. He played it well, though of course there's a million ways to dissect his words, so we'll see whether he and Angelina have any uncomfortable moments sprung on them at tonight's Critics' Choice Awards or Sunday's Golden Globes. Just think, one year ago at tonight's awards we started to speculate about whether or not Angelina was pregnant and today's another big one — it's Zahara's 4th Birthday! Hopefully she gets some good celebrating in before mom and dad are off to hit the red carpet this evening.

Photo credit: Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.