Photos of Britney Spears with Jayden James Spears Federline in LA

Britney's Mellow in Yellow With Jayden and Maseratis

Britney Spears had multiple outfits to take care of yesterday — yellow turtleneck to check out the Maserati dealership and yellow bag to take Jayden James for a special lunch date. She's been focusing on time with her boys since stepping out with Jason for the Grammys earlier this month. This week she briefly made headlines when she went to the hospital for a doctor's appointment, but the lack of drama reminded us just how different things are now than three years ago — next week is actually the anniversary of one of Brit's most infamous nights and these days everything is going well for the pop princess. She's also looking fantastic while one of her exes, Kevin Federline is letting it all hang out on his celebrity weight loss show.

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