Photos of Britney Spears Shopping in LA 2008-10-09 06:00:00

Britney Gets Involved in More Car Drama

Britney Spears is having an amazing week with her iTunes No. 1 and the video still to come tomorrow, but yesterday wasn't as much fun. During a shopping trip, the pop star was involved in a car accident with a paparazzo in another vehicle. It's unclear who was at fault, but the good news is that Brit was in the backseat instead of behind the wheel. Meanwhile, her lawyer rejected a plea deal for a $150 fine and a year of probation and opted to go to court for her driving without a license case. The trial will take place on October 15, and her attorney is hoping that Brit will walk away with no more than a $10 fine since she corrected the violation. Britney is no stranger to drama but we'd hate to see her good streak interrupted by a mistake from her past.

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