Photos of Britney Spears at Team Spears Polo Match

Britney Deals With New Photo Scandal, "Womanizer" Delayed

Britney Spears spent Saturday afternoon at the Will Rogers Polo Club to cheer on the Spears Family-sponsored team on a day to benefit the Promises Foundation. This isn't the first time Brit has been involved with the organization recently — earlier this month she donated a portrait of herself for auction. Looks like a relaxing afternoon for Britney, but there's new stressful news of someone trying to shop around very personal photos of Brit, Jamie Lynn, Maddie, and the rest of the family that were possibly obtained when Casey brought his camera in to be developed. All this right before Britney's big week, though rumor has it the release of the new single you already love, "Womanizer," has been pushed back a few days. Finally, one place we might not be seeing more of Brit is How I Met Your Mother — on the Emmy red carpet, Kristin from E! revealed that Britney's people offered her up for more episodes, but the show hasn't taken her up on the offer yet.

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