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Photos of Britney Spears in Westwood

Brit Gets VMA Ready While Lynne Talks Sex and Drugs

Britney Spears went to check out an apartment in Westwood yesterday, BlackBerry and LV in hand. As we eagerly anticipate her VMA show opener this Sunday, Russell Brand gives us a few hints as to what we can expect. He told Seacrest she's working "in a professional capacity," won't be "doing a bizarre haircut on herself," and joked he's going to try to pinch Britney in revenge for their hilarious promos. Lynne Spears is also dishing on Britney — although to sell books rather than get laughs revealing intimate details of Brit's childhood and teen years including when she lost her virginity and started experimenting with drugs. Hopefully the upcoming VMAs will keep Britney happily distracted considering her family is once again stirring up drama.


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