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Photos of David Beckham Practicing For MLS All-Star Game in Toronto

David Beckham Has His Priorities Straight

David Beckham practiced in Toronto yesterday, but rather than his usual LA Galaxy jersey, he was sporting his All-Star team uniform. The big game is tomorrow night, when he and his fellow MLS stars play against England's West Ham. In preparation for his on-field performance, the most handsome (and perhaps the most humble) man in the game talked more about his life in America. He told USA Today, "My soccer comes before anything I do — obviously not before my family, but anything else. Soccer's No. 1. It's the reason why I'm the ambassador for the MLS and do different things in my life. People know that my priority's with soccer." With his beautiful family first and soccer second, it seems like Becks has things perfectly in line. Now we're excited to see him hopefully shine in his first All-Star game.




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