Photos of Diane Kruger on The Late Show, Quentin Tarantino Talks Prequel and Brad Pitt Wants to Join

Diane Talks to Dave Ahead of Possible Inglourious Prequel

Diane Kruger stopped by The Late Show last night in NYC, appearing after Britney Spears read off the Top 10 list in a bikini. The actress talked about sleeping in cars with Joshua Jackson during a road trip in Australia and what it's been like to spend time in his hometown, Vancouver, as he shoots Fringe. She also promoted Inglourious Basterds while Dave flirted away — and made one rather timely dig at Jerry Seinfeld. The movie premieres in just two days, and Quentin Tarantino says he already has tons of material for a prequel, but it will be dependent on the film's success. Brad Pitt has apparently already expressed interest in signing on, and this could give Diane another opportunity to be one of the boys.

To see video of her interview and more photos of Diane at the Ed Sullivan Theater just read more.

Source: WireImage