Photos of Drunk Sienna Miller, Who Is Out of Nottingham, Leaving the Groucho Club with Cillian Murphy

Sienna's Back in London, Out of Nottingham

Sienna Miller looked more than a little unsteady last night leaving London's Groucho Club and hopping into a taxi with the (married) Irish actor Cillian Murphy. As her boyfriend Balthazar's career seems to be taking a nosedive as a result of their affair, hers might be next. She was just dropped from the upcoming Ridley Scott film Nottingham, with the official excuse being that Russell Crowe would feel too fat playing next to skinny Sienna. Plus, her highly anticipated GI Joe is getting some bad advance press of its own, though we may get our first taste of it in a Super Bowl commercial. So maybe both Sienna and Balthazar are going to have a lot more time on their hands for those vacations they love so much.

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