Adrian Grenier and his Entourage all got suited up to walk the silver carpet last night at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC to celebrate the new season starting this Sunday. We were there to chat with the stars who all looked gorgeous and were very excited to see each other giving out hugs and greetings between interviews. Unfortunately Adrian skipped any Isabel Lucas questions but joked, "We're here talking about Entourage, that's much more interesting," and lucky for us he had a lot more to say. Here's more:

  • On Vince's career reviving itself: "I think it does, you know. Nothing lasts forever so inevitably there's going to be some low points in a career and its been four great years for Vince its about time for a change."
  • On Vince's character change: "He's maturing for sure. He's starting to take more action and become more committed."
  • On playing an actor: "The one thing I love about the show is that I get to try out all different characters."

Adrian also spoke about how much he loves it when he grows out his beard, although we got a sneak peek at the new season and he doesn't keep it for long (phew). Stay tuned for more conversations we had at the event, including a steamy love scene a character has with a porn star, and what changes between Ari and his wife.

To see more of the cast and others including Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Leighton Meester and Bow Wow just read more.

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