Justin, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Charlize are just a few of the A-list celebs that came out to Condé Nast's Fashion Rocks concert at Radio City Music Hall on Friday night. The annual event helps kicks off NY Fashion Week and this year it also helped support Stand Up To Cancer. Beyonce debuted her $5 million 18-karat engagement ring before taking the stage in dazzling gold to perform with JT. Rihanna rocked a feather headdress while showing off her long legs on stage and Mariah Carey brought Nick to watch her perform. We had the chance to interview many of the celebrities on the red carpet, including Chris Brown, which you can read after the jump. The show airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on CBS but for now, check out Bella's and Fab's love it or hate it polls and tell us what you think of everyone's looks.

Over 90 photos of Justin, Beyonce, Rihanna, Fergie, Mary J Blige, Chace Crawford and many more, plus an interview with Chris Brown, so just read more.

  • On his favorite vacation this Summer: "Home. I got to chill at home for like two weeks straight that was great."
  • On Sarah Palin: "Who is that? [He was told she's John McCain's running mate.] Oh, I don’t get in to the politics. I think that’s smart that he picked a woman. It’s very smart it will help him out up in the long run. Cuz the women will be like ‘girl power.’ But I like Obama."
  • On what he'd say if Obama wins: "It’s great to have a black President. It’s dope."
  • His advice to Britney for the VMAs: "Good luck, do your thing."

Chris also said his sneakers are his "greatest fashion weapon." He was super friendly and sweet to talk to but stay tuned for more interviews from Friday night including one with Leighton Meester who dishes on some great Gossip Girl season 2 dirt!

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