Photos of Fergie Who Talked About Losing Weight She Gained For The Movie Nine

Fergie Stops at Broadway and Dishes on Her Diet

Fergie hopped out of a cab with a smile in New York City last night on her way to see Speed the Plow starring Jeremy Piven on Broadway. She went backstage to congratulate the actor, but it was home early so she could be at The Today Show this morning to unveil the Swarovski star that will top the Rockefeller tree and which she worked with to benefit Clothes Off Our Back. At Monday night's Glamour event, Fergie looked voluptuous in her white gown. On the red carpet she talked openly about gaining 13 pounds for her role in Nine and also shared her Thanksgiving strategy in taking it off again. The singer looks fabulous no matter her size and at least she sounds reasonable about indulging in her favorite holiday foods.

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