Photos From the Set of Gossip Girl in NYC with Hilary Duff, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Jessica Szohr

Penn, Hilary, Chace & Jess Have Lots to Talk About on Set

Hilary Duff was back on the set of Gossip Girl this morning with costars Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Jessica Szohr. Duff's Olivia was a welcome new addition last night and managed to grab Dan's — and our — attention in her hot black and gold dress. We also couldn't help but be distracted by the amazing hotel room where Serena dealt with Tyra Banks's diva character. Tyra's cameo was a one time deal, but she was entertaining as she changed up her hairstyles throughout the episode. Gossip Girl is growing up this season and they're taking on some more mature plotlines — according to rumors, not only is Lady Gaga going to be making an appearance, but we'll be seeing a threesome during November sweeps though we don't yet know who will be participating.

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