Photos of Gerard Butler and Shanna Moakler Kissing

Gerard Butler Spotted Cozy With Travis Barker's Ex, Shanna

Shanna Moakler didn't waste any time getting back out there after her ex-husband, Travis Barker, blogged on his MySpace that they're not back together in the wake of his plane crash. When he was injured, Shanna rushed to be by his side — and made sure everyone knew about it — but now she is back on the party scene, spotted with Gerard Butler last night in LA. Yesterday, Shanna responded to Travis's message on her own MySpace saying, "With great tragedies comes great truths, these truths either bring people together, or tears them apart . . ." Gerard was playing bartender last night before sitting down to cozy up with Shanna. Thankfully, it sounds like Travis is doing well and has lots of support from his friends, though it's pretty incredible that the drama between him and Shanna is still going strong and public after his traumatic experience.

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Images include: Gerard Butler, Shanna Moakler, Danny Masterson, Mark Ronson, Steve Aoki, Simon Rex

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