Photos of Gossip Girl Cast on Set, Interview With Penn Badgley Calling Dan His Own Worst Enemy and Judgmental

Penn Calls Dan Humphrey "His Own Worst Enemy"

The Gossip Girl cast got bundled up and took over Manhattan for another day of filming yesterday. On last night's episode we got to see Jenny and Dan each play out their passions in very different ways, while Chuck and Blair worked on issues with their respective parents at home. Serena stuck by her phone as the usual fashion and beauty kept us captivated. At last week's Juicy event Penn Badgley talked about Dan and the upcoming TV death we've been hearing about. Here's more:

  • On what he doesn't like about Dan: "Dan has a lot going for him but he’s his own worst enemy. And I think I’m frustrated a lot of times with how judgmental he is and how rigid he is in his morals. The guy needs to loosen up. He needs to loosen the eff up. "
  • On his favorite part of playing Dan: "Oh God, I have to think about that one. Maybe the jeans. He has great jeans."

To see more photos of the cast and hear what Penn said about the funeral on the show, just read more.

  • On what character dies: "Somebody does die. It’s a person. It’s not an animal. Are there any animals in this show? No, I guess not, so no. I can’t say anything."
  • On whether he cries at the funeral: "That would be giving away too much."

Although the Gossip Girl death is looming, there's still a lot of fun to be had watching one of our favorite guilty pleasures.

Images include: Amanda Setton, Connor Paolo, Ed Westwick, Matthew Settle, Nicole Fiscella, Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester

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