Photos of Gwen Stefani Out with Gavin, Zuma and Kingston Before Her No Doubt Appearance on Gossip Girl

There's No Doubt About Gwen's Appearance on Gossip Girl

Gwen Stefani brought her sons out for an afternoon at LA's Coldwater Canyon Park on Saturday before Gavin came along to join them yesterday. She's all about spending quality time with her family, but she'll soon be hanging with a different group of guys when she gets back on the road with No Doubt. One of their first stops will be on the Upper East Side — they're scheduled to make a cameo on the May 11th episode of Gossip Girl. We can't wait to see Gwen back onstage, and it'll be interesting to see how her California style meshes with that of Blair and Serena.

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Flynet, and Pacific Coast News Online