Photos of Heidi Klum and Baby Lou Bringing Johan to Karate Class in LA

Heidi Klum and Lou Bring Johan to Become a Martial Master

Heidi Klum carried Lou in her arms to bring Johan to his karate class in LA yesterday. Heidi brought all three of their older children to martial arts classes during the Fall, right up until the new baby's birth, though Klum often shared the duties with Seal. Next week, Heidi is gearing up to once again hit the runway for the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show which benefit's awareness of women's heart heath and means that the supermodel is going to spend February 14 away from her husband. She said she plans on sending him a package since, "I'm not going to be with him, I'm going to be in New York for fashion week." As one of the most romantic couples in Hollywood, it doesn't seem like Heidi and Seal need to be together to make any date a special one for the family.