Photos of Heidi Klum, Leni Klum, Henry Samuel, Johan Samuel at Christmas Tree

Heidi Gets Into the Christmas Spirit With Lucky Teeth

Heidi Klum and her mom brought Leni, Henry, and Johan to see the Christmas tree at the Grove yesterday. The Klum-Samuels love their holidays, so it's no surprise they're already in the holiday spirit, especially Leni with her festive red and pink. Before the long weekend Heidi stopped by Jay Leno where she had a few laughs and admits that she carries around her old teeth as good luck charms — check them out after the jump. While she barely needs any luck to look fantastic on the catwalk, we'll get to see her strut her stuff on the Victoria's Secret fashion show airing Wednesday night.

To see more photos of the Klum-Samuels, as well as video of Heidi's interview just read more.

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