Photos of Heidi Klum at a Photo call in Germany

Heidi Continues to Pave the Way For Top Models Everywhere

Heidi Klum had a wavy hairstyle to go with her hot body for a photo call for Germany's Next Top Model in Munich yesterday. Her hosting gig back in the states had a bit of a dramatic year, but Project Runway is still your favorite reality show of 2008. Heidi loves the holiday season and even has her very own Christmas single to prove it (check it out after the jump), but the busy mom can't always take a long break from work. She and her adorable trio of little ones will be reunited in no time, and showing off that big smile for the cameras is just part of the reason she's one of our favorite female stars of 2008.

To see more of Heidi in Germany as well as the video of her singing her Christmas classic, just read more.