Photos of Hugh Jackman at LAX and Narita Airport, Quotes From Oprah Winfrey Special

Hugh Jackman Had a Secret Weapon at the Oscars

Hugh Jackman flew out of LAX yesterday and was greeted by tons of fans in Japan this morning. Hugh's hosting duties and performances landed him in our top 10 favorite Oscar moments list, and on her show yesterday, Oprah Winfrey said it was the best Oscars she's ever seen. The viewers seem to agree — ratings were up 13 percent from last year's show. Hugh opened up to Oprah about how he stayed calm and what he enjoyed most about the big night. Here's more:

  • On not staying out late afterward: "This was the party for me. I had the time of my life. I keep thinking: 'I'm a kid from the northern suburbs of Sydney; I have no business being here. But what the hell? For three and a half hours, I'm going to have the time of my life.'"
  • On being backstage: "The thing that touched me the most, when people win . . . the moment they cross over into the wings something incredible happens. They just melt. It just sinks in literally the moment they cross over. It's a very personal, very intense moment. It's almost like it's overwhelming when you see that happen to them. You just feel privileged to be there."
  • On singing with Beyonce: "After she comes down, I sing from Grease 'I've got chills . . . ,' that's the easiest acting I've ever done in my life. She's singing and I know there's a billion people and everyone in the audience, but I thought it was just for me."
  • On why he wasn't too nervous: "I had a secret weapon. My secret weapon was sitting in about the sixth row — it was my wife. It's a connection. It takes it off you."

Hugh's wife also passed him notes during the show as she played her own part in making the Academy Awards such a memorable night for everyone.

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