Photos and Interview of Blake Lively's W Magazine December 2008 Issue

Blake Lively Gets Sexy and Patriotic For W

Blake Lively looked glamorous in red, white, and blue on the December issue of W magazine. She's promoting her two upcoming indie films, Elvis and Annabelle and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee along with Gossip Girl as always. In the interview, Blake opened up about how her family helped her pursue acting and her relationship with Leighton Meester. Here are highlights:

  • On her supposed rivalry with Leighton: "I’ve never really had a competitive relationship in any work situation. The media is always trying to pit us against each other, I guess because it’s just not interesting to say, 'Everyone gets along; everybody just works 18-hour days and goes home to sleep.' That’s not fun to read, I guess."
  • On how she began acting: "My mom and dad always taught acting, so instead of getting me babysitters, they would just bring me to class. And I’m a naturally shy person, so it really helped. I would’ve just been hiding under the table, pulling on my mother’s dress if I hadn’t been in their classes. It forced me out of my shell."
  • On her career: "I’ve been learning as I’m going along. I thought, OK, I’ll try a movie. And I was loving films, so I thought, No, I don’t want to try TV. But now I’m loving being on the show more than I ever could have imagined. It has been just the most amazing experience anybody could ever ask for. It’s such a blessing."
  • Blake also admitting to loving Serena's wardrobe, and we're sure that's just one of the many reasons she's enjoying her time as a TV star.