Photos of Isla Fisher, Courteney Cox, Coco, Olive Cohen in LA; Sacha Baron Cohen Teaming With Bono, Chris Martin For Bruno

Isla and Courteney Have Tea With a Splash of Coco and Olive

Isla Fisher and Courteney Cox brought Olive and Coco to Chado Tea yesterday in LA and also stopped by James Perse. While Isla might shop with fellow celebrities, Sacha Baron Cohen is working on his own high profile collaboration. Chris Martin, Bono, and possibly Madonna are getting together on a "Dove of Peace" single for the Bruno film. Despite the artists' passions for charity, the song mocks Band Aid and had Chris laughing so hard he could barely sing. Even with a possible NC-17 rating, sounds like Isla and Sacha should have no problem bringing their A-List friends out to support his controversial new movie.

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