Photos of Jennifer Aniston at LAX Headed To European Premieres of The Bounty Hunter

Jennifer Heads to Europe For More Perfectly Toned Bounty

Jennifer Aniston wore her usual travel uniform — jeans, scarf, a few inches of midriff — as she took off from LAX last night. She'll be meeting back up with Gerard Butler in Europe for another round of The Bounty Hunter premieres, this time in Paris, Madrid, and Berlin. Gerard has another movie coming out today, How To Train A Dragon and this past week he's promoted it a bit while also taking in a Lakers game with buddy Adrien Brody. Meanwhile, Jennifer started work on her next project, Just Go With It. While Jennifer is abroad, her leading man Adam Sandler will have to make due with his other beautiful costars like Brooklyn Decker and self-proclaimed future movie star Heidi Montag.