Photos of Jennifer Aniston Leaving the London Premiere of The Bounty Hunter, Arriving at Heathrow

Jennifer Talks About Exes Reuniting, Then Legs It Out of London

Jennifer Aniston joined two friends last night as she left the London premiere of The Bounty Hunter and headed back to the St. Martin's Lane Hotel, where her costar Gerard Butler was also staying. She wasn't shy about showing a little thigh in the car, though her red carpet look revealed an equal amount of leg. Jennifer also had a chance to stop by GMTV for an interview to talk about the rumors she and Gerard are romantic — check out the video after the jump. She also opened up about the possibility of exes reuniting, saying, "Absolutely. And I think there's something . . . you know, because sometimes you meet each other at a time in your lives when you're not necessarily ready or haven't been quite formed. You know, not fully formed to have the maturity it takes to be in a relationship." Jen didn't stick around the UK too long, though, as she was spotted leaving from Heathrow again this morning.

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