Photos of Jennifer Aniston Wearing a Bikini in Mexico 2009-11-16 05:00:01

Jennifer Aniston in Her Bikini Is an Easy Choice

Jennifer Aniston continued her relaxation and bikini time in Cabo on Friday, spending time with friends and basking in the sun. Jennifer said that she would be heading off on an adventure before starting work on Goree Girls in the New Year, but it looks like she stuck to her favorite vacation spot in Mexico. By Sunday she was back in California with her new glow. Last week, Jennifer scored a People's Choice nomination for Favorite Movie Actress, an award she's won in the past. She's up against some tough competition like Kristen Stewart, though Jen's already beaten out one up-and-comer recently when you all shot down the notion that Blake Lively's haircut is as iconic as "The Rachel."

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