Photos of Jessica Simpson Performing on Stage After Weight Controversy

A Still Beautiful Jessica Simpson Thanks Her Fans

Jessica Simpson traded her controversial high-waisted jeans for some hot leather pants to sing in Charlottesville last night. She looked comfortable and happy while performing —even kicking off her heels at one point. The singer didn't specifically mention all of the recent weight drama but did thank her fans for support and introduced a new song called "Still Beautiful." She explained "it's about finding the beauty in life" and "always remember that someone out there has it worse than you." Later she added, "I feel like in our world, we focus on so many things that are unimportant." Jess also couldn't pass up a chance to talk about how Tony is changing her life. It sounds like Jess is in a good place, and it must be comforting to have her sister and brother-in-law supporting her along the way.

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