Photos of Justin Timberlake and Liev Schreiber, Videos of Justin on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Doing John Mayer Impression

Justin Rocks Out as John Mayer For Fallon's Debut Late Night

Justin Timberlake posed with Liev Schreiber at the Tribeca Ball together in NYC last night where Liev will be getting to work soon costarring with Angelina Jolie in Salt. Earlier in the day, Justin was nice enough to be one of Jimmy Fallon's guests on his first Late Night show. While Jimmy seemed a bit nervous with his first guest Robert DeNiro, JT loosened things right up talking about his new game show, The Phone, and doing a hilarious impression of John Mayer singing. JT knows how to make us laugh, and Jimmy was probably happy to have such an entertaining guest on his debut night — check out the video below.

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Images include: Justin Timberlake, Liev Schreiber, Eileen Guggenheim, Nicole Miller, Kate Spade