Photos of Kate Bosworth and James Rousseau at Chanel Mobile Art After Party, Interview with Kate About Her Favorite Chanel Piece

Kate Bosworth Has Amazing Chanel Memories

Kate Bosworth kept warm by changing into tights, pumps and sticking with a blazer at the Chanel Mobile Art after party last night. When someone asked Kate who she was wearing on the red carpet she laughed and jokingly yelled out, "Who am I wearing? What do you think?" The actress showed off her silver frock and is currently winning her battle of the Chanel, so looks like she chose the right outfit. When asked about a memorable Chanel piece she's worn, Kate said:

"I didn’t keep it because it's in the archives. It’s the Chanel dress I wore to the Met ball. It was pretty amazing. It was made in the eighties and it’s just pretty amazing, I was really happy."

Kate was pulled away by James as they left the chilly art pavilion and the gorgeous couple headed hand-in-hand to the Waverly Inn soiree.

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