Photos of Kate Moss in a Bikini in Thailand With Jamie Hince

Kate Shares the Secrets of Her Success and Takes a Break

Kate Moss traveled from London to Thailand last week for her annual new year's break. For the second year running Jamie Hince joined her as they hit the beach covered up on Thursday. After ringing in 2010, they lounged on the deck of a yacht — a familiar sight after their Summer fun in St. Tropez. Kate brought her camera along yesterday for another afternoon on the sand wearing a white two-piece. She's taking some time off after another successful year of fashion and perfume launches. Kate recently opened up about her beauty routine, and how she manages her growing empire while balancing her busy schedule. Here's more:

  • On how she juggles everything: "Day by day. I live in the moment. Obviously, my diary’s scheduled, but I don’t really think about what I’ve got to do in two weeks because I might freak out, so I just take it a day at a time. I say what I’m going to do and when I’m going to do it. I’ll know a few days in advance, but I don’t look too far into the future. I will go into ostrich mode if I have too much on my plate: I won’t be able to think properly about anything."
  • On her traveling secrets: "I wear black; always trousers — stretchy black jeans and a flat shoe or boot. And I have my own blanket."
  • On if she ever had a plan for her career: "No. I would never have thought about it, ever. I remember meeting this girl in Florida, maybe the year before I started, and she was the daughter of a friend of my dad. She was, like, “I wanna be a model.” I thought it was so vain, really embarrassing."

Source: Ramey