Photos of Kate Winslet With Her Oscar at LAX and JFK, Quotes from Oprah Winfrey Show

Kate Winslet Isn't Letting Her Cute Oscar Go

Kate Winslet traveled from LAX to JFK yesterday with her Oscar in hand at all times. The actress's touching speech was one of our favorite Oscar moments from Sunday night. and Kate is still glowing with pride from her big win. Yesterday, Kate told Oprah endearing stories about her family's Oscar experience and more on quitting nudity in films. Here's more:

  • On calling her kids backstage after winning: "I said, 'Hi, Mia, did you jump up and down?' [Mia] says: 'Yes, I did, Mum, I did. I need to talk to you about the dress—it was gray.' She was absolutely mortified I wore a gray dress."
  • On her dad whistling at the Oscars: "We grew up with that. He's just a rock star, my father. We went to the Vanity Fair party, and my dad met Elvis Costello, so that was a really fabulous moment for us. Thank God I brought my camera. I was kind of the sad tourist, taking photos of my dad with as many celebrities as possible. It was really great."
  • On nudity in her films: "I have done quite a lot of nudity, and I feel like my kids—they're 8 and 5 now—maybe they're going to start to become aware of the amount of nudity I've done. I just sort of feel like I can't get away with it that much longer."
  • On her trophy: "Isn't he cute? I keep sort of looking at him . . . and looking at every little piece. Very nice bottom."

She shared her little man with Meryl Streep at the VF afterparty, but now that she's headed home she has it all to herself while she contemplates her next project.

To see more photos of Kate at the two airports just read more.

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