Photos of Katie Holmes Arriving in LA From NYC For Golden Globe Afterparty With Tom Cruise

Katie Arrives to Be Tom's Golden Prize For the Night

If Katie Holmes was exhausted last night, she certainly didn't show it in her face arriving in LA to meet up with Tom Cruise for the Golden Globe afterparty. Last night was Katie's final performance on Broadway, and right after she hopped across the country — slipping into a hot gold dress in the meantime and keeping a smile on her face. That's dedication (are you listening Piven?). Tom didn't win last night but he did look great on the red carpet, and we have a feeling that everyone in that room was rooting for Heath Ledger to take home the Best Supporting Actor award. Tom's role in Tropic Thunder isn't on anyone's short list for an Oscar nod, so he and Katie took advantage of the Golden Globe fun.

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