Photos of Kellan Lutz Snowboarding in California's Big Bear With His Brother Brandon

Kellan Lutz Hits the Slopes in Fine Form

Kellan Lutz escaped to California's Big Bear mountain on Saturday to do some snowboarding with his brother Brandon. The Lutz boys headed North after a fun week for Kellan in LA that included joining some of Hollywood's hottest ladies for a Calvin Klein bash. He opened up at the party about what he enjoyed most about filming Eclipse, saying, "When I could do my own stunts. . . I annoyed the producers enough to be able to say, 'I have three lines in this movie.' That was New Moon. Thank God, I have more in Eclipse. But I love doing stunts, I love getting hurt." Kellan showed off his impressive athletic abilities on the slopes over the weekend, and he just might be able to use his legendary muscles in a rumored future role.

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