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Drew and Kirsten's Saturday Night Discomfort

Sep 23 2008 - 5:00am

Kirsten Dunst [1] was looking particularly smiley in NYC on Saturday, but she found herself in a little bit of drama earlier that night. She stopped by SNL [2] to support her Spider-Man [3] costar James Franco [4], and ran into Drew Barrymore [5] who was there to cheer on her BFF Cameron for her cougar cameo [6]. Apparently Drew wasn't too happy to see her ex Justin Long [7]'s rumored new flame and the ladies had to split off with their respective celebrity buddies [8]. The awkwardness continued at the after party at Wildwood Barbeque, as Drew and Kirsten continued to do their best to keep their distance in the crowd of celebs that included Emile Hirsch [9], Ellen Page [10], and the kids from Gossip Girl [11]. Sounds like one of these ladies needs to switch from Mac to PC [12].


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