Photos of Kristen Stewart Arriving in LA

Kristen's Home After The Runaways Opens as Rob Talks Twilight

Kristen Stewart was back in flannel last night when she arrived at LAX. She's home again after more than a week of traveling to promote The Runaways, including a few days in NYC for a press junket and premiere as well as a stop in Austin for a SXSW screening. You guys seemed excited to get your hands on tickets, but the film nonetheless took in under a million dollars in limited release — it won't hit screens nationally until next month. Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, has been tending to his own movie promotion with Remember Me's opening in the UK. He recently opened up about his latest project as well as Twilight, revealing that he had his eyebrows plucked to play Edward Cullen. He wasn't a fan, though, saying of the experience, "You get to the point where you think, 'Okay, I look like a transvestite now.'"