Photos of Lauren Conrad Leaving Mr. Chow in LA, Quotes From Harper's Bazaar Interview

LC Doesn't Think Heidi and Spencer Are Brad and Angelina

Lauren Conrad joined friends for lunch at Mr. Chow in LA yesterday — shop her look here. We see less of LC now that she's living her life off the small screen, but she's still finding plenty of stuff to do beyond The Hills. In addition to keeping her pup Chloe perfectly styled, she has been at the top of the New York Times best-seller list for two weeks in a row. Lauren also recently sat down with Harper's Bazaar after posing for a photo shoot in a dark wig to chat about her what happens after reality TV. She said:

  • On Heidi and Spencer vs. Angelina and Brad: "They're completely different. The next time Angelina and Brad go shopping in the market and Angelina holds up two melons and smiles for a photograph, then they will be similar. . . .The face mask on vacation: I don't know if it was so funny because people really were being affected by [swine flu]. But otherwise [Heidi and Spencer] are very entertaining. You have to laugh."
  • On fame: "The last three concerts I went to, I was removed by security because I was a fire hazard. People crowd around you and you lose that whole personal-space concept."
  • On leaving The Hills: "My roommate went to Europe for two months, but I couldn't take a vacation without clearing it months and months ahead of time. My friends all got to date guys who didn't need to sign a release form. It literally affected the underwear I had to buy because I needed thicker underwear with a more sturdy band so it could hold up a microphone. I couldn't wear whites or prints because they don't look good on film. I had to consult a director of photography when I picked the paint for my walls because I had to have set lighting in my living room and kitchen. I had to have separate birthday parties for my filming and nonfilming friends. It's a closed book. I'm done. Against everyone else's will, I'm trying to take a break."