Photos of Lindsay Lohan in London, Reports She Is Following Samantha Ronson Around

LL's Attempt at a Ronson Reunion Might Not Be Reciprocated

Lindsay Lohan grabbed dinner with friends at Zuma before they headed to the Cuckoo Club last night in London. There was no Samantha in sight this time around, and apparently the girls' overseas reunion might have been one sided. Lindsay supposedly planned her meetings and photo shoots overseas just to coincide with Samantha's schedule and followed the Ronsons to Bungalow 8 uninvited on Wednesday night. Samantha and Mark reportedly left the club soon after LL showed up. The actress also switched her hotel yesterday after booking one on the same street as Samantha, who changed her DJ gig to leave London early. Hopefully there are details that make Lindsay sound a little less desperate, especially since the girls do spend so much time together when they're back in LA. and Splash News Online

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