Photos of Lindsay Lohan Returning From NYC and Arriving at LAX

Lindsay Still Has Style, but Loses Her Record Deal

Lindsay Lohan capped off a week of partying in NYC with a stop at QUO nightclub on Friday night before bringing her signature leggings home to LAX on Sunday. LL has been dealing with some rough stories recently and the latest rumors include that she's been dropped from her record label and is working for Ungaro for free. Still, Lindsay's not listening to gossip, saying in a recent interview, "I don’t notice it. There are times when it drives me nuts, but it’s been going on since I was 13. Ten years. I don’t know if I can change it. When I don’t give people opportunities to write something, they make something up. It’s flattering that they are that interested in me. They build you up to take you down." She seems to be keeping it all in stride as she continues to move forward with her career and her personal life.

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