Photos of Lindsay Lohan Who Denies Reports She Split With Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Has an Anthem to Combat Breakup Rumors

Lindsay Lohan is sick of all the rumors starting, and as usual she decided to use her MySpace blog and clear things up. After reports that her huge New Year's fight with Samantha Ronson ended with a breakup, Lindsay denied it on her site. She said, "little piece of TRUE information: we did NOT break up! . . .Get your stories straight please. It's really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, i saw, i read, etc... NOT TRUE" Of course, she also named her own single "Rumors" as what she's currently listening to. That said she was out again yesterday with no Samantha in sight, but sounds like we'll be seeing the girls back to their regular routine soon enough and they aren't ready to fulfill your breakup prediction just yet.

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